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"Deft, clean, and tuneful, Up in the Air is classicist in format, adhering to guitar pop traditions established in the '60s yet never quite sounding like any record from that decade, nor the trebly, nervy power pop of the '70s,'ll sink its hooks into you without you even knowing."

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"Up in the Air" Review Round-Up

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Michael Doherty Reviews "Up in the Air"

He [Brett] can certainly write some damn good pop songs that are both catchy and meaningful.

There is something really catchy about “Lies,” both in the music and the pattern of the vocal line... this track takes an interesting and fun turn, dipping into a twisted old jazz feel, which I totally love.



Field Session - Capricorn Studios - 1.29.16

While, on his Winter solo tour, Brett visited the legendary Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon, GA, where he performed some solo electric versions of his new songs and talked to Leila Regan-Porter for Field Note Stenographers. Read the story here or watch the video below.